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I was just ending Neuromarketing Chat (#nmchat) on Twitter last night when a fellow Tweep popped up in my stream and was all, “HEY, I’m here for #nmchat, it’s just starting right?” Not the first time this has happened,  and it occurred to me that maybe an email reminder would be helpful. And since I’m all about the helpful, I created a special email contact form for those of you who would like to get a weekly reminder!

Don’t miss another chat session with other folks interested in better marketing through science. I’ll send you a friendly (but not pushy) weekly email reminder with a link to that week’s background post for the topic. And don’t worry, if you ever get sick of me (unthinkable!) you can just reply with “unsubscribe” and you’ll be removed from the email reminders without one bit of fuss on my part.

I also won’t use your email for any other purposes. No stalking, no spamming, and no selling of your information, ever.

There are two easy places to sign-up for the chat reminder – below, OR if you’re not ready today and then later wake up and smell the neurons firing, I’ve added the same form to the blog side bar (over there –>>>>>>>) so you can sign up at any time.

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