Mirabeau Wine Shows you How to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew and How to Win at Marketing

I just love brilliant marketing strategies – those little gems that knock it right out of the park. Before today I had never heard of  Mirabeau Wine, but after a 49 second exposure to them, I am now not only aware of them, but I’m ready to try their wine. All because of this elegantly simple video:

In just a few days, the video is approaching viral numbers, and is already significantly more successful than Mirabeau’s other videos. Let me break down for you exactly how beautifully engineered this marketing piece is. It is practically perfectly constructed to get attention, deliver an emotional impact, to be memorable, to be shared, and stand the test of time:

  1. It’s useful. To me, to you, to nearly everyone you know. Take this comment from their blog post featuring the video, “Oh my god I love you forever for this! You win the Internet.”
  2. It’s novel and useful together.
  3. It carries heavy social currency – it makes the sharer, or even the demonstrator look cool, knowledgeable, useful, and someone you definitely want to invite to your parties.
  4. It’s also entertaining – subtly humorous and classy.
  5. It’s branded in a subtle, but memorable way. The bottle of wine is front and center, but not in your face with the branding.
  6. It’s embedded in their website and optimized for search so even after the social sharing is over, people will find it when they find themselves in a pickle without a corkscrew and turn to the Google for help. (See the original post here)
  7. It’s embedded in their beautiful, high-quality, useful and user-friendly website.
  8. Bonus – pretty sure this spot didn’t break the marketing budget bank.

Think about what kinds of information you share on your social networks. Things that are useful, entertaining, and/or funny, among other things. This video wins social-contagion points on multiple levels, but sails effortlessly beyond entertainment value so that it doesn’t burn out after the big surge. It may not go as big as, say, the Old Spice “I’m on a Horse” videos, but trust me, it is a far superior marketing spot.

Why? Because beyond the surface practicality of being engineered for sharing and search, it also tells you at a subconscious level a lot about the company and the wine. From the guy’s cultured speech, to his impeccably polished shoes, to the earthy stonewall behind him, to the willingness to be cheerfully helpful, to the beautiful bottle of wine in his hands. Bam! Your unconscious brain is now making associations to Mirabeau Wine with class, culture, light-heartedness, friendliness, and beauty.

Are you salivating for a bottle of Mirabeau yet?

*Update 1/15/13

Since this posting, the Mirabeau Wine video has indeed gone viral. I love it when my predictions are right. I woke up yesterday to an email from Stephen of Mirabeau Wine (the “bloke in the video” as he calls himself) letting me know the video had tipped the one million views mark (as of this writing they are now rapidly approaching 2 million). When I originally posted this, they were around 200k. He said, “So after 222 videos and just over 3 years of working on our social media and marketing activities, we’re an overnight success! ;-)”

Ha! A good reminder for businesses and organizations investing in social media. Even with guiding formulas, there is no such thing as “overnight success”. The Mirabeau Wine example is the type that often gets touted as “instant” or “overnight”, but the reality is that it takes a lot of trial and error, practice, serendipity, consistency, and commitment.

I think we all have the instincts to know what people want to see. Mirabeau Wine wouldn’t have made this video if they didn’t think it was useful and little known. They wouldn’t have used a subtle, classy humor if they didn’t think people respond to that sort of thing. But creating content, especially viral content, is like writing, or any other art form. You know when you set out, you know in your gut, what makes a good story or a good piece of art. Transferring that to the page or the canvas and having it translate is a whole different ball-game. There will always be that elusive bit of magic in the mix too.

I updated the list above with one obvious addition I forgot to put in originally, but occurred to me the next day – novelty – and also a little blurb about social currency so that’s more clear.


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  • Alex Lake

    In what way is it “novel”?

  • http://www.verilliance.com/blog Jennifer Williams

    Alex, even though the technique has been around for a while, and there are even other videos on YouTube about it, people were sharing because to them it was a clever NEW trick they had not seen before.

  • Alex Lake

    I see… That’s largely a function of the distribution mechanism – show it to a critical mass of people and enough of them will think it’s new and amusing enough to share. I agree it wouldn’t have worked with something widely known.

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